General Questions.

We empower and support children, young people and their families with neurodiversity to enrich their lives, help meet their challenges head on, and feel less isolated...  
Do you need a diagnosis to be an Aim higher member?

No not at all, all of our events are for the whole family as we know everyone is at different stages of their journey.

Can I attend other charities' events too?

Yes we advocate you use all charities that are available to gain as much support as possible.

How can we get support?

You can email us, or contact us through our social media.

Do you have a library?

Yes we have an extensive book library and can post books out to you, or you can collect at our support meetings.

Can I volunteer for Aim Higher?

That would be amazing, as parents of children / young people with autism you have a wealth of experience that could help support others, please contact us.

Can I fundraise for Aim Higher?

Definitely, we raise lots of our funds from fundraising, as well as a great way to raise money we also think it's an amazing way to give back and to meet others.